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Data is critical for informed decision making. The data gathered from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requests provides an overview of evolving PPE needs, and offers a snapshot of current demand that helps us get PPE where it is needed most.
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GetUsPPE.org Contributors | April 19, 2020

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Snapshot of National Need for PPE | April 8, 2020

A subset of organizations requesting PPE at GetUsPPE.org were surveyed between 4/2/2020-4/7/2020 to better understand their needs. The following represents responses from 632 institutions as a sample.

Level of Need

The majority of surveyed institutions have less than 2 weeks of PPE supply remaining
Pie graph of N95 Respirator demand.
Pie graph for face shield demand.
Pie graph for glove demand.
Pie chart for gown demand.

We are out of everything. Providers using one mask for 3+ weeks. Many COVID patients. Zero gowns.Great need. Large academic hospital.

We are being asked to reuse masks for 7 shifts due to a lack of supplies.

We are requiring our staff to use the same mask for a full week before using a new mask to stretch out the supply that we have.

We are reusing the few masks we have and I’m cooking them in oven for 30 min at 158 degrees per Stanford trial. We’ve been using same masks for 2 weeks now.

Requesting Institutions

Most PPE requests have been received from institutions other than hospitals.

“Because we are a Hospice we have received almost no help in getting critical PPE. We are asking for help, please.”


“We are an acute psychiatric facility that was never prepared for anything like this.”


“My agency provides critical support to homebound seniors who do not have family to assist them. I want them and my staff of caregivers to remain safe.”

Spotlight on Vulnerable Populations

Need in rural communities and other vulnerable populations is likely under-reported.

We are a small community hospital where resources are thin and we are in for a long battle ahead. Our patients are low income, uninsured or underinsured and we cannot cut off their access to care.

Many of our patients from from the homeless community so  it’s not a matter of “if” but when we receive COVID patients

Our clinic remains open as we are serving refugees and immigrants who have no access to tele-health.

We are a freestanding respiratory clinic in a small town testing for COVID-19 in this area. There are 4 of us working here 9-10 hours /day 5 days/week. We have very few supplies and are reusing supplies until they are unusable.