Our Team

A coalition of physicians, scientists, engineers, technologists, and concerned citizens building the nation’s largest platform for grassroots PPE donations

Our Team of Medical Professionals 

Esther Choo, MD MPH

Shuhan He, MD

Medical Lead

Megan L. Ranney, MD MPH

Seth Trueger, MD MPH

Ali Raja, MD

Valerie Griffeth, MD PhD

Jeremy Samuel Faust, MD MS

Howard P. Forman, MD

Marian E. Betz, MD MPH

Kyle Fischer, MD MPH

Suhas Gondi, MS3

Adam Beckman, MS3

Ayotomiwa Ojo, MS3

Senior Leadership

Shikha Gupta, MD

Marketing Team Lead

Aiden Pillard

Project Manager

Zach Peery-Wolf

Operations Lead

Team Leads

Alecio Madrid

Technical Lead

Dorothy Jones-Davis, PhD

Makers Team Lead

Shikha Gupta, MD

Marketing Team Lead

Dan Lurie

Logistics Team Lead

Jacqueline Chan

PH, Equity, and Ethics Team Lead