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The Dedicated Team at Get Us PPE

The Get Us PPE team is a coalition of physicians, scientists, engineers, technologists, and concerned citizens who have built the nation’s largest platform for grassroots PPE donations.

Get Us PPE Staff:  Directors & Deputy Directors

Shikha Gupta MD, Executive Director, Get Us PPE
Executive Director

Shikha Gupta

Shikha Gupta is the Executive Director of Get Us PPE. She leads the team of staff and volunteers working around the clock to build innovative technology and data solutions to equitably and efficiently distribute scarce resources in times of crisis. Previously, she served as Vice President of Get Us PPE’s Executive Board and as Director of Communications + Development.

Throughout her education and career, Shikha has focused on the intersection of medicine, public health policy, and technology, and she believes in the power of diverse people working together to effect significant change. Shikha is based in Washington, DC and is a passionate advocate for health as a human right, and equitable healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Ali Hickerson, Get Us PPE
Chief of Staff, Lead for Public Relations and Policy

Ali Hickerson

Ali Hickerson is the Chief of Staff and Lead for Public Relations and Policy at Get Us PPE. Ali began her work with the organization as a volunteer in October 2020 as a writer on the Content team. Now, Ali provides strategic counsel and directs complex work streams devoted to meeting Get Us PPE’s mission of getting donated PPE to where it’s needed most.

With over 10 years working in public relations in health and non-profit organizations in the US and Australia, Ali has a diverse communications background with a strong acumen towards project and account management.

Ali is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Adriane Kiss
Director of Communications & Development

Adriane Kiss

Adriane Kiss is the Deputy Director of Development at Get Us PPE. She supports the Communications and Development team by working closely with outside partners and donors.

At the start of the pandemic, Adriane worked for a local New York City food bank to try to help support her community and is so grateful to be able now to be a part of an organization that is helping the underserved on such a large scale.

Prior to her work with Get Us PPE, Adriane has worked on air and in sales at QVC as a brand representative.

Cle Diggins
Director of Product & Technology

Clé Diggins

Clé Diggins is the Director of Product and Technology for Get Us PPE. Clé originally joined Get Us PPE as a volunteer in April 2020. He now leads the teams working behind the scenes to provide data-driven solutions for the complex problems facing equitable PPE distribution in the United States.

In the decade before joining, Get Us PPE, Clé worked as a software engineer and project manager primarily in the field of logistics and transportation, from payment processing systems for the greater San Francisco Metro Area Transit Authority to building and advancing vessel tracking solutions around the globe.

Zach Peery Wolf
Administration Director

Zach Peery-Wolf

Greg Williams, Director of Operations on the Get Us PPE team
Director of Operations

Greg Williams

Greg Williams is the Director of Operations at Get Us PPE. He helps get donated PPE delivered as quickly as possible to those most in need by managing our Health Equity, Donation / Recipient Match, Healthcare Outreach and Maker teams.

Prior to arriving at Get Us PPE, Greg has worked in diverse non-profit and for-profit roles, including leading record-setting global application deployments at Amazon and IBM, operation of a 100’ historical wooden cargo ship, and study of the Federal Supply System for Congress’s Joint Economic Committee.

Alizee Weber
Deputy Director of Operations

Alizée Gagliardi

Alizée Weber is the Deputy Director of Operations for Get Us PPE. In this role, Alizee leads the large donations and small-batch donations teams, who work directly with donors and recipients to coordinate the distribution of donated PPE in the most equitable and efficient manner possible.

Alizée has a background in research and clinical psychology, as well as management, with a focus in strategy and operations. As an aspiring physician, she is devoted to helping others and promoting equal access to resources, and is a passionate mental health advocate.

Joanna Calderon, MPH, Get Us PPE
Deputy Director for Health Equity

Joanna Calderón, MPH

Joanna Calderón (she/her) is the Deputy Director of Health Equity at Get Us PPE. In this role, she ensures that the organization considers health equity in our approach to distribution, allocation, and outreach in order to deliver on the final works of our mission: to get donated PPE to those who need it most. She supports the continued evolution of the Fair Distribution Algorithm, facilitates equity-focused partnerships, and oversees Healthcare Outreach efforts to understand the needs of underserved communities.

Joanna has a background in public health and health disparities. She first joined Get Us PPE as a volunteer in late March 2020. She is passionate about understanding and deconstructing the social, political, and economic structures that create inequities.

Donni Popejoy, Get Us PPE
Website & Brand Strategist

Donni Popejoy

Donni Popejoy is the Website and Brand Strategist at Get Us PPE. In addition to overseeing the usability, functionality, analytics and content of the website, she provides guidance on branding across our organization. She is also passionate about getting PPE into schools across our nation and sits on our Schools Roundtable.

With a background in design, marketing and management, Donni served roles as art director, marketing/PR director, web project manager and production director in non-profit and corporate organizations before becoming a consultant. She now advises and supports leadership teams' efforts to expand their organization's mission and enhance effectiveness. She is driven by a desire to uplift people and inspire planetary stewardship.

Krystian Palmero, Get Us PPE
Deputy Director, People Team

Krystian Palmero

Krystian Palmero is the Deputy Director of the People Team at Get Us PPE. In this role, he leads the volunteer recruitment and engagement strategy and efforts to foster a positive organizational culture.

Krystian brings his expertise in volunteer management, workforce development, and teaching & curriculum design from his experiences in K-12 education, nonprofit management, and public health. He is passionate about designing talent development efforts as a way to promote equitable decision-making.

Andrew Jaquith, Get Us PPE
Deputy Director of Finance

Andrew Jaquith

Andrew Jaquith is the Deputy Director of Finance for Get Us PPE. He handles all matters of finance and accounting, capturing the impact of Get Us PPE's mission in financial terms. Andrew has engaged with a number of firms, from canned wine to VR, over the last 10 years, prior to joining Get Us PPE. In his spare time, he also enjoys playing music, writing letters, drinking coffee, and living well.
Amanda Peery Wolf, Get Us PPE
Director of Communications & Public Relations

Amanda Peery-Wolf

Amanda Peery-Wolf is the Deputy Director of Communications and the PR Manager at Get Us PPE. She works with the Communications and Development team to tell the story of the ongoing PPE crisis and Get Us PPE's efforts to deliver PPE to those who need it most.

Prior to her current role, Amanda was a Research Associate at Harvard Business School, and, before that, a book editor in the humanities at Princeton University Press and Harvard University Press. She is also a poet.

Cody Reinold
Inaugural Director of Product & Technology

Cody Reinold

Cody Reinold is the Director of Product and Technology for Get Us PPE. In this role, Cody leads the product, engineering, data science and algorithm teams, who work behind-the-scenes to find simple solutions to complex problems and support teams across the organization. Prior to his role at Get Us PPE, Cody served as the Senior Director of Application Development at a leading risk management company in Boston, MA. Cody also has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, having spent nearly a decade growing his own web application development firm and previously working in the non-profit space with the social entrepreneurship fellowship program, Social Impact 360 (formerly The Compass Fellowship).
Emily Lynn, Get Us PPE
Inaugural Deputy Director of Finance

Emily Lynn

Emily Lynn is the Deputy Director of Finance for Get Us PPE. In this role, Emily manages the financial infrastructure and systems to support the mission of Get Us PPE. She works closely with the directors of administration and development to ensure Get Us PPE is on track to meet its strategic goals while also monitoring compliance with state and federal regulations.

Emily has a background in healthcare management and is dedicated to helping health-focused organizations achieve their goals through good management and best business practices.

Aidan Pillard
Inaugural Deputy Director, People Team

Aidan Pillard

Get Us PPE Co-Founders & Board of Directors

Ali Raja, MD

Ali Raja, MD

Executive Vice Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine Massachusetts General Hospital

Professor of Emergency Medicine and Radiology Harvard Medical School

Valerie Griffeth MD PhD portrait, Get Us PPE

Valerie Griffeth, MD PhD

Critical Care Fellow, Department of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University

Clinical Associate, Department of Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University

Emergency Physician, PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

Dr. Jeremy Faust, MD MS

Jeremy Samuel Faust, MD MS

Attending physician in the Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Health Policy and Public Health, Harvard Medical School

Editor-in-chief of Brief19, ACEP Now, and cohost of FOAMcast

Named as one of the “50 Experts to Trust in a Pandemic” (Elemental, a Medium publication)

Ram Bala, data scientist, Get Us PPE
Voting Board Member

Ram Bala, PhD

Chief Data Scientist, C.H. Robinson

Co-Founder & President, Project Stanley

Associate Professor, Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business

Jacqueline Chan, MPH, Get Us PPE
Non-Voting Board Member

Jacqueline Chan, MPH

Director of Data and Evaluation, United Way Bay Area

Founding Member, California Health Medical Reserve Corps

Instructor, California State University East Bay

Zach Peery Wolf
Voting Board Member

Zach Peery-Wolf

Dorothy Jones-Davis PhD
Voting Board Member

Dorothy Jones-Davis, PhD

Makers Team Lead
Chris Barsotti, MD FACEP
Voting Board Member

Chris Barsotti, MD FACEP

Chief Executive Officer, American Foundation for Firearm Injury Reduction in Medicine

Emergency Physician

Dottie Enrico
Voting Board Member

Dottie Enrico

Esther Choo MD MPH
Co-Founder & Non-Voting Board Member

Esther Choo, MD MPH

Associate Professor, Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

Emergency Department Physician, Oregon Health & Science University

Co-founder, Equity Quotient

Founding Member and Strategic Lead, TIME’S UP Healthcare

Named as one of the “50 Experts to Trust in a Pandemic” (Elemental, a Medium publication)

Get Us PPE Volunteers: The real heroes of our organization!

Adam Beckman
Aditi Teriar
Alannah Clarke
Albert Khuong Tran
Alex Chen
Ali Hickerson
Ali Taylor
Ali Zaidi
Amalia Bay
Amy Wang
Andrea Alvarado
Andrew Siyoon Ham
Anita Zahiri
Anna Dai-Liu
Anson Cheung
Anya Shyani
Arlene Kisliuk
Arlene Tjoarman
Benjamin Batorsky
Benjamin Chang
Carolyn Neves
Claire Liu
Clara Choate

Claudia Kiss
David W. Couch
Deepesh Duwadi
Deepthi Sathyanarayana
Elise Kwon
Elizabeth Wei
Elye Robinovitz
Emily Kwan
Erica Abrahms
Erin Kisliuk
Eva Bonime
Forrest Bicker
Gabrielle Setiabudi
Garrett Gerberding
Gaurav Gupta
Grace Jin
Gretchen Manuel
James Chen
Jef Pearlman
Jenna Gerberding
Jenny Zhao
Jessica Sateesh

Karina Popovich
Kat E. Porras Gonzalez
Katie Lingen
Kezia Varghese
Khine Lwin
Kim Pananides
Lisa Watts
Louise Corscadden (Technology and Scientific Council)
Lucy Wu
Marissa Sandkuhler
Mark Boguslavsky
Mary Hurley
Matthew Rubashkin
Mauline Onsombi
Nancy Kalb Turner
Natalie Weiner
Nathalie Felton
Neel Vishwanath
Olivia Hart
Priscilla Woo
Rhea Malhotra
Rowan Rockafellow

Ruby Wu
Ryan Cranfill
Sam Cohen
Samantha Tham
Sara Riaz
Sarah Tsang
Sean Mills
Sohail Syed
Steven Tjandra
Suhas Gondi
Sunny Mui
Tasmiah Khan
Taylor Purzycki
Tessa Vanooteghem
Theresa C Stickney
Trenton Reinicke
Unnati Gupta
Veronica Najera
Vikas Ramachandra
Virginia Lee
Zoe Matticks