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Thank you for helping Get Us PPE

Through your support, we made a positive impact during the COVID-19 pandemic and PPE shortage crisis.

17 million+ pieces of donated PPE

were provided at no cost to frontline workers and under-resourced communities


By contributing to Get Us PPE during the pandemic and PPE shortage crisis, you helped us get personal protective equipment delivered at no cost to those who needed it most. To combat the shortage of PPE, especially in underserved areas, our mission focused on urgent and equitable distribution of masks, face shields, gowns, gloves and more.

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PPE donated per state from March 2020 through June 2021

Requests for PPE

total individual requests for PPE from March 20, 2020 through July 2, 2021

Donations Delivered

pieces of PPE delivered to frontline workers across the U.S.

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Your support of Get Us PPE helped protect more than just healthcare workers in dire need of PPE

As the pandemic evolved, Get Us PPE expanded our mission to include special initiatives and communities in need beyond our original focus.

PPE for Schools

Get Us PPE was able to help schools in need of personal protective equipment get connected with donated PPE such as masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, sneeze guards, and disinfecting wipes.

PPE for schools graphicWhen children headed back to school last year, the financial burden of protecting students, staff, and teachers landed on schools and families who may not be able to afford it. Our PPE for Schools initiative matched PPE donations to schools in need. The donated PPE came from various sources, including generous suppliers, makerspaces, and contributors to our PPE for Schools fund.

Get Us PPE held weekly roundtables with representatives from the National School Nurses Association, national maker groups, PPE suppliers, school administrators, and other thought leaders. This strong support network helped keep a pulse on the evolving needs of educators, school staff, and students. By working together, innovate new ways evolved to get protective equipment into schools.

PPE for Black Lives

Get Us PPE stands in solidarity with the thousands of people marching for Black lives across the United States. That’s why we created the PPE for Black Lives Fund.

Black Lives Matter protesters wearing protective masks, PPE for Black Lives FundTo help protect protesters standing up for Black lives, our regional affiliates on the ground and our Get Us PPE volunteers distributed masks and other personal protective equipment to community-led organizations and protesters directly.

Get Us PPE also worked to prioritize underserved and vulnerable communities in all of our PPE distribution.

The PPE for Black Lives Fund directly supported personal protective equipment needs for protesters across the United States. Funds were also used to support PPE for healthcare workers and essential workers in Black communities.

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All donations that were made to Get Us PPE are tax deductible in support of our mission.

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Thank you for supporting the Get Us PPE mission!