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Get Us PPE and the United Arab Emirates Deliver 275K Pieces of PPE

By June 29, 2021July 1st, 2021No Comments
Woman in face shield holding a bag of PPE bumps elbows with a woman in a blazer and a white face mask under a red awning that reads 'Quincy Senior Residences.'

CABS Health Network in Brooklyn, NY received face shields and gloves from Get Us PPE and the UAE

The United Arab Emirates and Get Us PPE successfully delivered over 275,000 pieces of PPE to over 100 facilities across the United States. It was a donation that took months of coordination at the highest levels. However, at the core of this donation was a simple gesture of goodwill, a team of dedicated volunteers, and a resilient spirit. 

This effort started in April 2021 when the UAE reached out to Get Us PPE with an interest in donating PPE to US facilities in need. The partnership took off as Get Us PPE quickly searched to match the donation. In an effort to ensure this PPE went to those most in need, Get Us PPE used their matching algorithm, the Fair Distribution Algorithm (FDA), to determine the facilities PPE would be sent to. Alizée Gagliardi, Deputy Director of Operations and Cody Reinold, Inaugural Director of Product & Technology led the Get Us PPE team in the matching process. 

While many previous donations of PPE have been centered around one type of donation, such as N95 masks, or nitrile gloves, this donation was composed of a variety of protective equipment. Get Us PPE and the UAE were able to donate NK95 masks, coveralls, face shields, gloves, goggles and surgical masks. 

While this PPE was delivered to different facilities located in New York, Texas, California, and beyond, there was a common thread between all the facilities – immense gratitude upon receiving the protection they needed. TOOTRIS Child Care in San Diego said, “Thank you for your hard work and dedication during such a difficult time and supporting me. The assistant grants and Safety First kits help me to stay open and do my best for children.” Similarly, Starr County Memorial Hospital in Rio Grande City explained, “The pandemic crisis we faced was tolling on the entire world.  There were many moments of uncertainty, especially in our small rural Hospital.  These trying times though, brought us together in many ways.  We want to sincerely extend our thanks and gratitude to UAE for their amazing donation of KN95 masks to our organization to assist in the protection of our valuable team members.”

Man in a face mask and gloves crouches on a floor to finish setting up a box display of individually packaged PPE kits for a child care facility.

TOOTRIS Chid Care received PPE from Get Us PPE and the UAE to build kits for their patrons

This donation is part of the larger Get Us PPE mission to donate over 14 million pieces of PPE before the organization arrives at the date of mission completion:  July 2nd, 2021. While this amount of PPE  is often too large to truly comprehend, the individual stories and quotes ground the impact that this donation and the hundreds before it have made.

Unnati Gupta