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Texas-Sized Teamwork Gets PPE to Houston

By August 22, 2020January 8th, 2021No Comments

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, it became challenging to collect and distribute PPE to underserved communities and the majority of healthcare workers. With the help of GetUsPPE, Boston Scientific, and Something Labs, the DHX3 Amazon Warehouse in Sugar Land, Texas was able to provide PPE to Houston healthcare providers on Houston medical sites. These four organizations collaborated to assemble and distribute medical gowns for the Houston metropolitan area. 

Innovators Collaborate to Deliver 10,000 Medical Gowns

Something Labs, a volunteer coalition that innovates design solutions to connect frontline workers with PPE, used the GetUsPPE dataset to identify regions with high need. Working together with a team on the ground, a list of the most in need hospitals and healthcare facilities was created. Boston Scientific is a manufacturer of medical devices used in interventional medical specialties. It initially made one million face masks and partnered with GetUsPPE for delivery based on need. It then contacted Amazon for help with further larger shipments. Because Amazon can ship pallets of gowns to any regional hub in the country, it was an incredibly useful partner.

Completing the team, DHX3’s partners at Kirin Cutting cut the material and palleted the gowns. The gowns were manufactured, palleted, shipped, and delivered to the warehouse within a week. With the manufacturing work completed, DHX3 was able to successfully deliver 10,000 gowns to six different healthcare providers in the Houston area.

After Success in Texas, PPE Delivery to New Orleans and Los Angeles

DHX3 proudly thanks GetUsPPE, Boston Scientific, and Something Labs for their hard work and for taking the opportunity to give back to their community. After their success in Houston, the team delivered another 10,000 gowns to New Orleans and then to Los Angeles. Our coalition of organizations is privileged to be able to help support health care providers as COVID-19 surges in these areas. 

Learn more about our innovative GetUsPPE partners or apply to become a GetUsPPE partner.

Deepika Katta