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As the year 2020 comes to an end, Get Us PPE would like to show gratitude to all the partners that have generously contributed to the organization and have played a major role in helping frontline workers get the essential PPE during this ongoing pandemic. Get Us PPE has been able to donate over 5.5 million pieces of PPE free-of-charge and reach expanded audiences through our partners. On social media, Get Us PPE is taking each day of the 12 Days of Gratitude to thank some of our partners for all that they do.

Citizens of Humanity & Sesame Street

Citizens of Humanity logo, Get Us PPE partner

Citizens of Humanity is a company based in Los Angeles, CA. They specialize in producing high-quality denim. In response to the coronavirus, the company has launched a special edition mask collection in partnership with Sesame Workshop. Citizens of Humanity have donated a large number of masks from their recent collection to Get Us PPE. Their Sesame Street collection provides an avenue for families to stay safe as well as have fun during these unprecedented times.


Love Your Melon 

Love Your Melon logo, Get Us PPE partner

Started by two college friends in 2012, Love Your Melon’s mission was to initiate a positive social impact. The company started by making hats for children battling cancer. Today, they have given over $7.2 million to the fight against pediatric cancer and have provided 200,000 hats to children. 50% of net profit from sales at Love Your Melon are donated to nonprofit organizations around the world that are fighting pediatric cancer. During COVID-19, Love Your Melon donated $25 to Get Us PPE for every beanie sold. They have also manufactured and donated over 50,000 masks to homeless shelters, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities with Get Us PPE matching the recipients to Love Your Melon. Their donations have helped frontline workers from California to those along the east coast.




AmorSui is a company that realized the importance of PPE well before the shortage crisis today. In realizing the lack of adequate PPE for females, AmorSui has specialized in creating a PPE wardrobe for women. The company is working toward safety workwear capsules and accessories that fit well for women. Their mission is to produce reusable, eco-friendly, safe PPE. With a mission that fits perfectly with Get Us PPE, AmorSui has donated gown material and protective gowns for frontline workers.




Anthropologie is a retail company that designs and sells women’s apparel. In the past years, the company has expanded to offer accessories, home furniture, and decor. This brand has become very trendy for young women around the world. Anthropologie has joined Get Us PPE to not only donate to the cause but has joined Get Us PPE in social media campaigns. In the past months, Anthropologie has donated $15,000 to Get Us PPE’s general fund and $5,000 to Get Us PPE’s PPE for Black Lives Fund. Along with funds, Anthropologie has donated special headbands that protect the backs of the ears while wearing a mask. In a joint campaign called #SliceofHappy, Anthropologie raised awareness about Get Us PPE and urged their audience to support frontline workers. Additionally, they collaborated with Sanctuary and Merci Handy to donate over 70,000 masks and over 14,000 hand sanitizers.


Merci Handy 

Merci Handy logo, Get Us PPE partner

Merci Handy is a French cosmetics company that sells vegan, cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. Created in 2014, the company opened its US market in 2019. In response to COVID-19, Merci Handy created a hand sanitizer called You Are Heroes where 10% of proceeds from every sale go to fund hand sanitizers for frontline workers. Free People also launched a promotion that donated one You Are Heroes hand sanitizer to frontline workers and would offer a free sanitizer for orders over $50. As a result, 31,000 hand sanitizers were donated to frontline workers across the nation. In August, states like New York and Ohio requested more hand sanitizers than any other type of PPE from Get Us PPE. The introduction of a new hand sanitizer product rallied support for healthcare workers and helped many facilities receive products they needed the most.


Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary logo

Sanctuary Clothing, a retail company that sells women’s apparel, was founded in 1997 in Los Angeles. The company’s mission is to be a global lifestyle brand with a conscience. They contribute to nonprofit organizations that empower women through their #sanctuarygivesback initiative. In relation to the PPE shortage crisis, Sanctuary Clothing immediately realized the magnitude of the crisis and started manufacturing FDA-approved PPE and donated PPE through direct requests. The company partnered with Anthropologie to contribute 70,000 masks back in June, mostly medical-grade masks. They committed to donating one surgical mask with every purchase of a set of five masks. Overall, Sanctuary Clothing has donated over 100,000 surgical masks to Get Us PPE. Sanctuary Clothing has adapted to the PPE crisis and mobilized its production capabilities. With their partnership with Get Us PPE and Anthropologie, they were able to maximize their production capabilities and reach more frontline workers in need of PPE in the summer of 2020. With their goal to give back to the community, they educate their audience about the PPE shortage crisis and what they can do to help.


Virtual Summer Enrichment Camps

Shannon Cheung’s Virtual Summer Enrichment Camps is an initiative started during the pandemic that holds educational virtual camps for children. Shannon, a 2nd-year student at UC Berkeley studying molecular and cellular biology saw the difficulties of virtual learning and began an enrichment camp to help children in the summer. The camps provide free resources for students in quarantine like math, science, English, and art classes. However, they urged tutors and parents who wanted to donate funds to direct them to Get Us PPE. In this effort, Shannon Campers raised over $5,000 for Get Us PPE in the late summer of 2020. Not only have they supported Get Us PPE through donations but they have also promoted the organization on social media to reach as many people as possible.


Cabana Life

Cabana Life logo

Founded by two close friends who saw a need for UV protection in fashion, Cabana Life incorporates both fashion and sun protection. Their fabrics are designed in a way that provides UV protection with their signature of UPF 50+ fabric. Cabana Life continues to fundraise for Get Us PPE. In their partnership with the organization, Cabana Life launched a collection of face masks and cabana covers to provide more breathable, sun-safe masks, with 10% of proceeds from the collection going to Get Us PPE. Their mission along with Get Us PPE’s mission resulted in masks that not only provide PPE for frontline workers but also protect consumers from both COVID-19 and UV rays. Cabana Life also chose to donate to Get Us PPE during Giving Tuesday from which Get Us PPE has surpassed their goal of $100,000.



Shinesty logo, Get Us PPE partner

Shinesty is a clothing company that sells men’s and women’s apparel ranging from dresses and pajamas to accessories. Their partnership with Get Us PPE includes both monetary donations as well as a feature on their popular website. As a kick-off to Get Us PPE’s Giving Tuesday fundraiser, Shinesty generously donated $30,000 to Get Us PPE. This contribution helped Get Us PPE significantly in being able to surpass its $100,000 goal. Additionally, Shinesty sells reusable face masks and 3-packs of ‘Americana’ face masks with 20% of proceeds donated to Get Us PPE. By both directly donating to Get Us PPE and donating proceeds from their sales, Shinesty has helped Get Us PPE provide more PPE to frontline workers.



re-inc is a clothing brand that aims to reset the status quo and set new standards. In their goal of supporting organizations that fight for equity and progress, they partnered with Get Us PPE to provide immediate relief to frontline workers. Late April 2020, they donated 5% of all of their black and white capsule sales to Get Us PPE. Their campaign resulted in a donation of $20,000 to Get Us PPE in May of 2020. Re-inc used their brand to show support to frontline workers and raise awareness about the PPE shortage.


Enlightened Ice Cream/ Beyond Better Foods

Enlightened logo

Enlightened Ice Cream is a company that sells healthy alternatives to ice cream. Its mission is to present ice cream as both a healthy option as well as a tasty one. The company is known for its keto-friendly ice cream. Enlightened teamed up with Delish to create a new ice cream flavor: peanut butter cookie and brownie dough keto collection in April 2020. Thirty days after the launch, the company donated 50% of the profits to Get Us PPE, totaling over $20,000 to help frontline workers. The company also promoted Get Us PPE during the launch of this flavor and it was able to reach new audiences that were now aware of the crisis while donating toward Get Us PPE.


Santa Sheinbaum

Michael Sheinbaum wrote the book “The Elves Indoors” that portrays Santa forcing to shut down his toyshop due to a fictional scenario that is undeniably similar to COVID-19. His audience was able to relate to his story and the book gained popularity. He recently partnered with Get Us PPE and is donating over half the proceeds from his book to Get Us PPE. In entertaining children through storytelling, Sheinbaum is also able to bring awareness to the shortage and ask his audiences to support Get Us PPE in its mission. Read Get Us PPE’s interview with Michael (spoiler alert: he shares who is on 2020’s ‘nice list’).


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