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Give a Gift of PPE: Donate to Frontline Workers

By December 22, 2020January 22nd, 2021No Comments

This holiday season, consider gifting a donation to support our frontline and essential workers. It works as a donation and an alternative to a standard gift. You can donate on behalf of a loved one or give directly to support frontline and essential workers in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and grocery stores, among others. 

Why You Should Consider a Donation Gift

It is an understatement to express that 2020 has been a challenging year for a lot of us. The year 2020 became a meme as many struggled to stretch their dollars to buy food, cover rent, and keep the lights on. This was also the year thousands of frontline and essential workers found themselves exposed to a deadly virus and without the necessary equipment to protect themselves

As the coronavirus touched our shores, hospitals quickly ran through their PPE supplies at a rate that the supply-chain could not meet. Now, as the virus envelopes every corner of our nation, supplying our frontline and essential workers with adequate protective equipment is more important than ever! 

With that in mind, Get Us PPE launched its end-of-year fundraising campaign. A $15 dollar donation can help deliver three N95 masks, 30 pairs of gloves, or five KN95 masks to those who need them most

Sponsor a Healthcare Worker 

When you choose to donate to Get Us PPE, your contribution will be used to get protective equipment to communities in need. These are low-income, rural, and minority-majority communities that are still experiencing PPE needs. 

As previously reported, small clinics and community hospitals, like nursing homes, continue to experience PPE shortages. Get Us PPE aims to fill the gaps by supplying these underserved communities with donated PPE. Your contribution helps our mission by providing funds to aid our donation matching efforts and cover shipping costs.


To donate to Get Us PPE and sponsor a worker in need, follow the link below!

Donate to Get Us PPE
Kat Elieth Porras Gonzalez