PPE Shortage Briefing

PPE Shortage Briefings feature the latest news from Get Us PPE on the fight to get personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare and frontline workers. PPE includes lifesaving equipment like N95 face masks, nitrile gloves, gowns, and face shields.

PPE National Stockpile

Weekly Briefing: Four Consecutive Days of Record-Breaking US Daily COVID Cases

By PPE Shortage Briefing

The Big Picture  An update on the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus: The United States, with the most daily cases in the world, is just short of 10.85 million cases as of Sunday night and more than 244,000 people have died from the disease. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa are seeing the highest case rates. With another 184,000 confirmed cases being added to the Johns Hopkins database, Friday, November 13 marked the fourth consecutive day the United States set a record for daily cases. Many experts warn this surge could be more fatal than the one we…

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Mask and Fall Leaves

Weekly Briefing: US Votes in New Administration and Experts Worry Thanksgiving is ‘Perfect Storm’ for COVID Super Spreader

By PPE Shortage Briefing

The Big Picture  Prior to the results of the Presidential election, public health experts in The Guardian expressed worry that there was no apparent strategy to address the COVID crisis, as the pandemic enters its deadliest phase with cases rising, winter forthcoming and hospitals reeling from increased spread and burnout.  Dr. Shikha Gupta, executive director of Get Us PPE told The Guardian that the organization was “preparing for the worst,” as “one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is people are really ready to pretend the [pandemic] is over.” Soon, Get Us PPE will publish a three-point plan to solve…

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PPE Weekly Briefing: Voting with PPE and US Nursing Homes Face Extreme PPE Shortages

By Nursing Homes, PPE Shortage Briefing

The Big Picture  The United States reported 99,321 new cases this Friday, officially breaking the global record for single-day cases reported.  In total, our country has over nine million cases and 230,000 deaths. CNN reports the United States has seen its top five records in daily cases within the past eight days, and experts warn these are signs that death rates will increase. 31 states have seen record highs in case numbers during October, according to Johns Hopkins. All of this data points to a clear conclusion: the United States has still not overcome this virus. Nursing Homes Face Extreme…

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