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As the pandemic took hold of every aspect of our lives, millions socially distanced themselves at home. During this time, many indulged in their hobbies and fueled their desire to help out during the pandemic. One such person is Jade Bahng, a high schooler in California, who fueled her passion for fashion and writing and founded the Daily Daisy Project in April 2020. This organization sells handmade daisy chain jewelry and donates its proceeds to Get Us PPE. 

Daily Daisy blue beaded ring with a daisy

Jade Bahng sells necklaces, rings, and bracelets, and 100% of the profits go to Get Us PPE.

The Daily Daisy Project’s Birth

As many tried to find activities to do from home during quarantine, Jade started this project through an Instagram account where she marketed her jewelry with the help of various influencers. It gained traction through these influencers and followers, creating a cohesive online community, reaching a wide audience that supported not only the jewelry but Get Us PPE as well. 

The name behind the Daily Daisy Project comes from the daisy chain jewelry created as well as the meaning behind the daisy flower. Jade believes daisies are “often overlooked, but they are always working hard to blossom into beautiful flowers, even when no one is paying attention to their efforts.” This belief is woven into the Daily Daisy Project’s motto: To be hardworking and relentless in its purpose to make a change someday. 

Daily Daisy white and orange braceletDonations to Get Us PPE

Proceeds are collected and donated on the 20th of every month. Daily Daisy Project’s first donation was on May 20th, 2020, and ever since, they have donated over $5,000 to Get Us PPE, Black Lives Matter, and various LGBTQ+ organizations. The organization continues to support these causes through jewelry. In fact, it raised $200 in just January of 2021. 

Many like Jade have used their talents to continue their passions and help frontline workers and distribute PPE during the pandemic. Jade Bahng continues to inspire other youth to fuel their passions for a good cause and to take the risk and start a project. Something that started as a simple Instagram account, like The Daily Daisy Project, helps support Get US PPE’s mission and reaches a large audience. 

As Jade turns 18, she hopes to turn the Daily Daisy Project into a nonprofit, so that students can learn business management, realize the value of donating, and help during difficult times. 

Please help us get PPE to communities at risk. A $5 donation can supply an N95 for a healthcare worker.

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