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Get Us PPE Partners with SOUNDOFF Design to Support Health Care Workers

By July 10, 2020February 2nd, 2021No Comments

By Unnati Gupta and Deepthi Sathya

Over the past few months, our country has witnessed movements sparked by racial injustices and health disparities within our society, which have pushed Americans to mobilize for social change through multiple channels. One organization used clothing as their channel for activism: SOUNDOFF Design. As a clothing company, their mission is to create a platform to represent a diverse community and give voice to individuals from various backgrounds. 

SOUNDOFF clothing collections represent a range of issues, from Black Lives Matter to Pride, which compose the fabric of American society. With powerful messages conveyed through graphics, the t-shirt begins to stand for something larger than the individual wearing it. Each shirt represents one community’s push for tangible change, which can engage customers and their communities to come together for much-needed conversations.

SOUNDOFF Design merges the fashion industry with activism and gives a voice to their customers. GetUsPPE is proud to partner with SOUNDOFF Design to raise funds for the growing need for PPE in the country. 


At a time when unity and strength really matter, SOUNDOFF Design responded by creating a campaign called “Rise”. The word encompasses the vision that we all must rise to empower one another, rise to keep our families safe, and rise to rebuild what has been lost. 

Their goal is to encourage individuals to establish a “new normal”, one where staying 6 feet apart and wearing a mask is universally accepted. This design “celebrates the optimism, spirit and drive that has lifted America time and time again.” 

SOUNDOFF Design also places an emphasis on helping grassroots organizations. They have pledged to donate 20% of proceeds received through the sales of “Rise” t-shirts to GetUsPPE. Every t-shirt sold will provide 2 masks for frontline healthcare workers and help alleviate PPE shortages. With needs for PPE still unmet, SOUNDOFF Design has committed themselves asin being part of the solution through advocacy and donations. 

“I Stand For” 

One of SOUNDOFF Design’s key values is to promote representation for all people and create a platform for equality. Another campaign, “I Stand For,” asks customers to identify a group that they “stand for”—from first responders and teachers to issues such as civil and womens’ rights.

GetUsPPE shares their vision in advocating for healthcare workers, and is also partnering with the “I Stand For” campaign. 

The founders of GetUsPPE encourage us all to “Stand for Healthcare Workers.” Additionally, $2 from every t-shirt ordered will be donated to GetUsPPE. This partnership will help galvanize support for the millions of frontline workers, as well as bring attention to the facilities in dire need of PPE.


GetUsPPE is grateful for the generosity of organizations like SOUNDOFF Design and applaud their commitment to equity and advocacy for social change.

Grace Jin