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PPE Weekly Briefing: Voting with PPE and US Nursing Homes Face Extreme PPE Shortages

By Nursing Homes, PPE Shortage Briefing

The Big Picture  The United States reported 99,321 new cases this Friday, officially breaking the global record for single-day cases reported.  In total, our country has over nine million cases and 230,000 deaths. CNN reports the United States has seen its top five records in daily cases within the past eight days, and experts warn these are signs that death rates will increase. 31 states have seen record highs in case numbers during October, according to Johns Hopkins. All of this data points to a clear conclusion: the United States has still not overcome this virus. Nursing Homes Face Extreme…

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Wear A Mask

PPE Weekly Briefing: Does the US have enough personal protective equipment? The answer is still no.

By Advocacy, PPE Shortage Briefing

The Big Picture Experts are warning we are officially in the third surge of the coronavirus pandemic. An update on the numbers: the United States recorded over 8.5 million coronavirus cases and 224,000 deaths. North Dakota, South Dakota, and Louisiana have the highest case rates (cases per 100,000), but cases are no longer rising solely in the South. States around the country are reporting record surges of cases, and some hospitals are already being overwhelmed.  Case Surge and Mask Mandate CNN reports the country’s seven-day average of new daily cases has increased 84% since September. Public health officials warn that…

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Black Lives Matter protesters wearing protective masks, PPE for Black Lives Fund

Honoring Breonna Taylor

By Advocacy

Get Us PPE honors and remembers Breonna Taylor.  Please consider donating directly to Breonna Taylor’s family, the Black Lives Matter movement, or Get Us PPE’s PPE for Black Lives fund, which provides free personal protective equipment to protesters and organizers of Black Lives Matter protests. Any remaining funds will be donated to healthcare and essential workers in Black communities.  If you are organizing a protest or demonstration in support of Black Lives, please use this confidential form to request PPE.  Today and always, Black Lives Matter. 

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