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Stories From the Frontlines

Medical Students in COVID-19 Response Efforts

By Stories From the Frontlines

By Varsha Venkatakrishna, a medical student in NYC and the Advocacy Communications Lead at As U.S. healthcare workers braced for the impact of COVID-19, the nation’s medical students took it upon themselves to find  ways to support the relief response. As their classes and rotations moved online, medical students found themselves amidst a global health crisis with free time, clinical skills, and hunger to support their colleagues on the front lines. Unfortunately, most medical students were largely restricted from patient contact amid fears of exacerbating the existing PPE shortage. This wouldn’t stop student efforts, however. Despite the abrupt break…

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Getting PPE to those on the front lines of the fight against racism

By Advocacy, Stories From the Frontlines

By Grace Jin, a blog contributor at As a public health initiative founded on principles of safety, GetUsPPE stands in solidarity with the thousands of people marching for Black lives across the United States. To help protect the protesters taking to the streets during the COVID-19 pandemic, our network of affiliates have mobilized to distribute over 46,900 masks and other PPE to community-led organizations and Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrators, as well as medical-grade supplies to street medics assisting injured protesters.  We asked some of our coalition members about their efforts to distribute PPE, why direct action is important,…

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Get Us PPE’s Dr. Megan Ranney Testifies at Congressional Briefing to Protect Frontline and Essential Workers

By Advocacy, PPE Insights, Stories From the Frontlines

By Alison Mosier-Mills, a blog contributor at On Thursday, May 21, GetUsPPE’s Dr. Megan Ranney testified before the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus. She discussed the impact of the crisis on medical staff and first responders, highlighting the urgent need for protective gear and proposing a path toward a sustainable and equitable supply chain. These priorities will be essential to providing high-quality care to Covid-19 patients while also ensuring the well-being of the frontline workers who treat them.  Across the country, hospitals have been overwhelmed by the volume of patients requiring intensive treatment for Covid-19—and many frontline healthcare workers…

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