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Rebecca Finkel

Stephanie Zeller Data Painting

Interview: Get Us PPE’s Stephanie Zeller Uses Data to See the Big Picture

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By Rebecca Finkel As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, many of us are left facing questions that feel impossible to answer: Is it safe to visit family? Can my children go to school? Eat in or take out? What makes these decisions particularly difficult is that the risk we’re trying to avoid is largely invisible — How do you protect yourself from a danger that you can’t even see? Besides PPE, one of the best tools that we have in this fight is data. Get Us PPE is the leading nonprofit distributing donated PPE in the United States, and we…

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PPE Requests to Fill

PPE Weekly Briefing: The Many Costs of the PPE Shortage

By PPE Shortage Briefing

By Rebecca Finkel The Big Picture: COVID Rates Rising in the South As of this posting, the CDC is reporting a total number of 6,181,474 COVID-19 cases in the country, which is an increase of 290,942 in the past seven days. California, Florida and Texas still lead the country in total cases, but case rates (# of infections per capita) are highest in the Southeast part of the country, the highest being recorded in Louisiana, Florida, and Mississippi. Louisiana reported 5,425 new cases in the past seven days, which brings the state’s current rate to 3,270 cases per 100,000 residents. …

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Back to school illustration of PPE for schools, masks, hand sanitizer, wipes

PPE Weekly Briefing: School Reopenings and a Surge of Natural Disasters

By PPE Shortage Briefing

By Rebecca Finkel The Big Picture: Natural Disasters Complicate a Crisis This week saw an increase of nearly 300,000 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., bringing the total to 5,799,046 total cases. The states that saw the highest increases were California, Texas and Florida. Complicating this challenging public health situation are concurrent natural disasters: the wildfires in California and Hurricane Laura, which landed on the Gulf coast on Thursday. Each of these situations caused people to evacuate, creating a need for PPE at shelters. Shelters, which can be crowded, are at particular risk for creating super spreader events. The decreased…

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