PPE for Schools Fund

Donate to the PPE for Schools fund to help get personal protective equipment into schools

Get Us PPE is helping schools in need of personal protective equipment — like masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes — get connected with donated PPE.

As many kids head back to school, parents are counting on their children being supplied with masks to stay safe. However, the financial burden of protecting students and teachers lands on schools and families who may not be able to afford it. To help offset costs, Get Us PPE has developed a new initiative to connect schools with the PPE they need.

Get Us PPE will donate PPE from various sources to schools in need, including matching those schools with local makerspaces.

Get Us PPE has been holding weekly roundtables with representatives from the National School Nurses Association, National Maker Groups, PPE suppliers, and other thought leaders to learn more about the needs of educators, school staff, and students, and to plan new ways to get protective equipment to schools in need.

When you donate to Get Us PPE for Schools fund, your receipt will show both Get Us PPE and AFFIRM, our 501(c)(3) financial sponsor and processor. All funds go to supporting the mission of Get Us PPE. For tax deductions, use our EIN # 82-3454784.

To donate by check:

  1. Make check payable to “AFFIRM Research”.
  2. Write “Get Us PPE Fund” in the memo.
  3. Mail to:
    Get Us PPE c/o AFFIRM Research
    PO Box 503
    Williamstown, MA 01267
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AFFIRM, Inc. 501(c)(3): Pursuant to the requirements of federal law, this receipt will also confirm that no goods or services are being provided in exchange for your gift. Get Us PPE shall be operated in a manner consistent with AFFIRM’s tax-exempt status.