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Get Us PPE is helping schools in need of personal protective equipment get connected with donated PPE such as masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, sneeze guards, and disinfecting wipes.

As many kids head back to school, the financial burden of protecting students, staff, and teachers lands on schools and families who may not be able to afford it. Our PPE for Schools initiative matches PPE donations to schools in need. The donated PPE comes from various sources, including generous suppliers, makerspaces, and contributors to our PPE for Schools fund.

Get Us PPE holds weekly roundtables with representatives from the National School Nurses Association, National Maker Groups, PPE suppliers, school administrators, and other thought leaders. This growing support network keeps a pulse on the evolving needs of educators, school staff, and students. By working together, we’ll continue to innovate new ways to get protective equipment into schools.

Resources to assist schools during COVID-19

Information from trustworthy sources has been gathered by our healthcare outreach team to help schools navigate safely through this pandemic.

Using PPE in the classroom  (PDF)
National Association of School Nurses

Back to school public health guide  (article)
OSCMS: Open Source COVID-19 Medical Supplies

Do schools have enough PPE?  (PDF infographic)
National Association of School Nurses

School opening resources and problems  (article in Google Docs)
Illinois PPE Network

Best PPE practices for teachers   (article in Google Docs) 
Illinois PPE Network

COVID-19 and how to protect yourself   (video)
World Health Organization

Explaining COVID-19 to children   (video)

Explaining COVID-19 to younger children  (video)
Dr. Panda

Activity Book explaining PPE  (pdf activity)

How to talk to teens about COVID-19  (infographic)

How to teach kids to wear masks  (infographic)
University of Michigan

To help determine the amount of PPE needed, the CDC provides an Excel file to calculate PPE Burn Rate. A video tutorial link is provided, plus we’ve included a link to an interactive PPE Demand Model.

PPE Burn Rate Calculator  (Excel file)
PPE Burn Rate Calculator Tutorial  (video)
CDC: Centers for Disease Control

PPE Demand Model  (interactive dashboard to predict short-term PPE demand)
COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition

All donations are tax deductible and support the mission of Get Us PPE, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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