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Behind the Scenes

Stephanie Zeller Data Painting

Interview: Get Us PPE’s Stephanie Zeller Uses Data to See the Big Picture

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By Rebecca Finkel As pandemic restrictions begin to lift, many of us are left facing questions that feel impossible to answer: Is it safe to visit family? Can my children go to school? Eat in or take out? What makes these decisions particularly difficult is that the risk we’re trying to avoid is largely invisible — How do you protect yourself from a danger that you can’t even see? Besides PPE, one of the best tools that we have in this fight is data. Get Us PPE is the leading nonprofit distributing donated PPE in the United States, and we…

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three surgical face masks

Origin Story of Get Us PPE

By Behind the Scenes
#GetMePPE Begins Day 1 - March 16 Dr. Esther Choo (@choo_ek) and Matt Cortland (@Mattbc) started the hashtag #GetMePPE on Twitter to stimulate stories about shortages of hospital equipment and raise awareness about the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950, our most promising mechanism for rapid mass production of needed hospital resources. Day 2 - March 17 Based on their frontline experiences, Dr. Val Griffeth (@VGriffeth) and Dr. Choo drafted an initial letter pleading for personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. They then teamed up with Drs. Megan Ranney (@meganranney), Emmy Betz (@EmmyBetz), Seth Trueger (@mdaware), Jeremy Faust (@jeremyfaust),...
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