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PPE Insights

What is PPE?

By March 27, 2020January 22nd, 2021No Comments

PPE means Personal Protective Equipment and can vary depending on the environment, contagion, etc, but its purpose, in the case of COVID-19, is to protect healthcare workers from exposure to SARS-CoV2.


N95 Respirators

These masks are critical to protecting healthcare workers from droplets and aerosols. There are different classes of certifications for N95 masks. These are a critical need.

Surgical Masks

These masks do not offer as much protection against airborne viruses, however they can prevent patients from spreading, as well as give lower level protection for healthcare workers not working directly with COVID-19 patients.

Protective Goggles

Eyes are a key area where viruses can enter. Keeping eyes and eylashes protected is a critical component, especially when performing highly risky procedures such as intubating a COVID-19 patient.


Gloves provide protection from hand transmission. Gloves are frequently used and the supply is low.


A faceshield provides greater protection than goggles, they can protect the eyes, as well as provide greater protection for the entire face during risky procedures.


These microporous suits are worn over clothing to keep airborne and droplet transmission via clothing.


Gowns cover the clothing, and thought not as effective as coveralls, they can provide an additional layer of protection, especially when working with COVID-19 patients directly and performing risky procedures.


Booties are worn over shoes to eliminate floor contact and can be useful in situations where there might be sputum or other fluids on the floor that could get carried around the hospital or to the healthcare worker’s home on their shoes.


Though not worn, wipes provide an easy way to clean surfaces that may have been contaminated, including phones and medical equipment. SARS-CoV2 has been shown to be able to live for a number of days on some surfaces, so wiping is an important hygienic procedure.
Sunny Mui