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Video draws attention that PPE supply shortage is outrageous—and dire

By November 20, 2020No Comments

Get Us PPE video shows PPE supply shortage is still dire—and outrageous. 

Despite COVID cases easing for a while, you may not know that the personal protective equipment (PPE) crisis never abated.

While everyone can agree that it’s impossible to do work without the right tools: crayons can’t replace tattoo guns for tattoo artists and dentists surely can’t fix your teeth with a hairbrush. It may seem like an outrageously obvious message, but the devastating reality is that our frontline workers like physicians, nursing home staff, and teachers, are still going without the tools they need to keep them safe from the virus that causes COVID—while providing essential services.

According to the September Get Us PPE Shortage Index, 80% of facilities reported having no supply left of one or more types of PPE.


Valentina Vee and Ben Von Wong wanted to help Get Us PPE raise the alarm that the PPE crisis continues, by creating a video for the non-profit that gets PPE to those who need it most.

Thank you Valentina and Ben for your support to help us share this lifesaving message.

You can help us by sharing their video, or if you can, donate to Get Us PPE to help us meet the millions of requests for PPE needs across the country.

Ali Hickerson