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The Demand Data Hub: Powering a Collaborative PPE Supply Chain

By April 20, 2020January 22nd, 2021No Comments

The power of strength in numbers is well documented throughout the history of grassroots organizing and coalition building. In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, our numbers are derived not only from the tremendous volunteer networks who are working to bolster PPE supply chains and protect our healthcare workers, but from our actual data sets.

To amplify our strengths, Project N95 and GetUsPPE are thrilled to announce our Demand Data Hub partnership. By merging our two leading PPE demand databases, the Demand Data Hub now contains more than 7,000 requests for PPE from American healthcare providers, and is the authoritative destination for aggregating PPE demand, nationwide. 

The Demand Data Hub works to empower supply chain solutions being developed by both Project N95 (PPE for sale), and GetUsPPE (donated PPE). By maintaining a robust picture of the total PPE need distribution, we can collaboratively connect facilities—from major hospital networks to rural clinics—with the exact source and type of PPE that best meets their needs and resource constraints. We believe that the Demand Data Hub provides the critical foundation for truly understanding and solving our national need for PPE.

Here’s how it works today, and where we hope to grow:

1. We establish a single destination for healthcare workers to register PPE need

Healthcare providers are encouraged to register their PPE need on either the Project N95 or GetUsPPE websites using a standardized intake form. All data feeds into the same, centralized database: the Demand Data Hub. GetUsPPE and Project N95 make a commitment to our healthcare providers to always keep your identifying information private and safe. 

By establishing a single trusted destination for healthcare workers nationwide, we can begin building relationships and solutions that enable a real-time, dynamic view of the state of the PPE crisis. The pandemic is constantly shifting, and our solutions must evolve to allow dynamic response—and possibly even proactive, preventative action.

2. We manage targeted outreach to ensure accurate representation of PPE need distribution

When all providers register their PPE needs in a single place, everyone’s voice can be equally heard. GetUsPPE survey data shows that acute care hospitals, while most recognizable, make up less than 25% of the total demand for PPE. Other healthcare facilities like independent clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home health aide agencies, urgent care centers, and assisted living facilities make up the majority of the PPE need burden today. The more data we have from different kinds of institutions, the more we can ensure that PPE is delivered to all healthcare facilities that need it—not just the ones that are most well known.

Additionally, while the Demand Data Hub is the most robust view of PPE need that we have today, we expect that healthcare facilities in rural areas and those serving other vulnerable populations including tribal nations, prison populations, and those living with homelessness will still be under-represented. By aggregating our data, we can better identify blind spots and focus our efforts on targeted outreach to under-represented communities.

3. We provide equitable distribution of PPE supply

The reality is that there is currently not enough global PPE manufacturing to fully meet demand. Current data also suggests that the majority of facilities with PPE needs will not have the financial means to compete in today’s global market for purchasable supplies. This is an equity problem that we can only solve together.

In addition to differences in purchasing power, healthcare facilities also have varying requirements for the type and source of PPE that is acceptable in their institutions. Acute care facilities are most likely to require FDA approved or NIOSH certified equipment such as N95 respirators, and more complex equipment such as PAPR masks and bunny suits. Other healthcare facilities would benefit from access to standard equipment like surgical masks and face shields, whether manufactured or open-sourced. The ability to account for this requirement variability is critical to fully addressing the crisis.

Through our partnership, we’ve expanded our PPE supply to include the full range of available solutions: manufactured supply for sale, donated medical-grade supply, and donated open-source supply. Combined with a robust understanding of nationwide PPE demand, we are able to coordinate PPE distribution to most equitably and comprehensively meet the nationwide need:

  • Healthcare providers can rely on a single, trusted platform to keep their information safe while providing up-to-date insights into their evolving PPE needs. 
  • PPE can be sourced via multiple channels, from vetted international manufacturers, to retooled domestic manufacturers, to volunteer mask-makers. 
  • PPE can be distributed with a holistic view of both institution-specific needs and resource constraints: providers able to make large scale purchases can be connected with vetted manufacturers, and PPE donations can be matched to those who need it most.
  • Looking forward, dynamic insights can inform predictive modeling and inform strategic partnerships that enable a sustainable, national PPE supply chain solution.

Together, we are stronger and more efficient than we were alone. Together, we’re putting critical PPE in the hands of our healthcare heroes—today.

More about GetUsPPE and Project N95

GetUsPPE ( is a grassroots coalition that enables the donation, fabrication, and delivery of currently available PPE to healthcare providers and institutions, addressing critically emergent shortages on a case by case basis. GetUsPPE and its regional affiliates have delivered over 325,000 pieces of donated PPE to date, primarily sourced from the homes and businesses of citizens across America. All funds donated to GetUsPPE will support the purchase and delivery of PPE for donation to healthcare workers. 

Project N95 (  is a rapid response organization that has been successful in connecting provider organizations with an array of PPE and medical equipment suppliers. In tackling the fragmented demand network, Project N95 has built a national clearinghouse for PPE and deploys a comprehensive due diligence process to vet trusted suppliers.

Collaboration is crucial—and, at the end of the day, our combined organizational goals are the same: protect our healthcare workers so that they can continue to protect us. To accomplish this mission, we must recognize our strengths and collaborate on strategic action plans to end the PPE crisis. For now, this begins with data.

Get Involved

PPE shortage solutions: 

We recognize that there are many groups working to solve this crisis. From mutual aid networks to independent coalitions, we are stronger together. We hope that our partnership inspires other like-minded projects to join us in establishing a clear destination to submit PPE requests for healthcare providers. Our front line workers are carrying enormous burdens on their shoulders already—deciphering which website to visit or spreadsheet to fill out should not be one of them. If you’re doing similar work in demand aggregation and fulfillment, we invite you to join our Demand Data Hub. Get in touch at

Healthcare Providers: Register or update your PPE need today in the Demand Data Hub. Requests can be submitted at either or Requests do not need to be submitted twice! All entries will go to the same Demand Data Hub. 

Groups seeking to buy or sell PPE: Contact Project N95

Groups and individuals interested in donating, producing, or delivering PPE donations: Visit

  • Think about places where there might be PPE hidden in plain sight, such as laboratories, manufacturing facilities, artist studios, tattoo parlors, and nail salons, to name a few. If you uncover PPE that can be donated, let us know at  
  • If you are interested in producing and donating open-source PPE, register as a GetUsPPE Maker at
  • If you are interested in learning more about our regional affiliates program and coordinating local delivery of donations in your community, please get in touch at 
  • If you’re a supplier or manufacturer who would like to donate PPE to providers in need, let us know at
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