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Four Reasons Why You Should Update Your PPE Needs With Get Us PPE

By February 4, 2021No Comments

Get Us PPE is calling for donation recipients to update their PPE needs so we can better serve under-resourced communities. 

gloves, mask, folded scrubsAt Get Us PPE, our mission has always been simple: Get personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who need it most. We’ve been pushing to meet the needs of requesters and distribute generous donations in a timely manner to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of this pandemic. 

Because of how prone all of these situations are to change, PPE needs are constantly fluctuating, too, whether they be increases or decreases or changes in the type of PPE you need. We want to ensure that we’re keeping up with whatever changes come your way. To do that, we ask that you update your PPE request form with us. 

Here are just four of the reasons why it’s so important to update your request:

Update PPE Needs To Help Us Deliver Faster

By staying updated, we can reduce the time spent verifying needs before sending you the PPE you need, decreasing delivery and wait times, and ensuring that the PPE you receive matches the PPE that you need at that time. With ongoing and continued PPE requests, Get Us PPE prioritizes facilities that have updated their requests within 8 weeks, ensuring that we provide you with the resources that you need now, rather than, perhaps, what you needed three months ago.

Improved Distribution Efficiency

By updating us, Get Us PPE can plan and coordinate real-time requests and donations from across the nation to fulfill different needs. Additionally, seeing where PPE is being requested and which items are needed most allows us to prioritize those needs and target our resources, fundraisers, and campaigns in that direction.

Better Informed Policy

The data you provide is aggregated, anonymized, and presented in our monthly Shortage Index. This information helps us demonstrate to manufacturers, partners, and governments at multiple levels that there is a continued and pressing need for PPE in communities and frontline facilities across the nation that demands attention. This, in turn, allows us to impact public health policy, as this valuable data serves as evidence for evolving shortages and needs of PPE, and advocate for policies to help solve this issue.

Identifying Supply to Meet Demand

Get Us PPE would not be able to keep running without the extensive national network that helps us in every stage of the process of fulfilling PPE requests – from donor to transport to recipient. By updating your request, you’re providing us with up-to-date information as to what your needs look like, and if it turns out that we’re not able to fulfill that updated need, we’ll then try to connect you with partners in our network who can! Additionally, when we have better knowledge of your needs, Get Us PPE can target fundraising efforts in specific geographic areas and types of facilities, all of which will help us meet your needs as efficiently as possible.

How Do I Update My Request?

Click here to update your request. You can log in to your account easily using the email you used to request PPE originally. Once you enter your email address, you will get an email with a code, then enter the code to sign in–no password required. Once logged in, you’ll be able to update your request, as well as any other information about your facility (name, address, etc.)

Get Us PPE relies on so many people to keep this network going, and so it’s crucial that we all stay updated with your needs to ensure that you, and facilities across the nation, are getting the PPE you need. Please make sure to update your request forms as soon as possible!

Need PPE? If you have not registered your needs in past, complete our form to register your needs anonymously.

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Anna Dai-Liu