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Requests for PPE are no longer being accepted

We thank everyone who supported our efforts by registering their need for PPE during the shortage crisis.

Get Us PPE has ceased PPE delivery operations as of Friday July 2, 2021.

If you still have need for low or no-cost PPE, we encourage you to reference this comprehensive list of PPE resources organized by state.

We are acutely aware that not every request made was able to be matched with a donation through Get Us PPE.

We very much wish that we could, and our volunteer-driven team has worked around the clock to make as many PPE matches as possible.

While we may not have been able to fulfill every request for PPE, we thank you for the information you have submitted as it contributed to the largest non-governmental database of PPE shortages and provided valuable information about remaining needs for PPE. Should a PPE shortage crisis arise in the future, this confidential database could be crucial to swiftly addressing PPE needs.

Learn more about our decision to cease operations

PPE Resources by State as of May 2021
PDF Resources List

If you are looking to purchase from a supplier, please visit our partner Project N95 for vetted suppliers.

You may also find the CDC Burn Rate Calculator helpful