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The media counts on Get Us PPE to provide valuable data and an accurate assessment of our nation’s current PPE shortage crisis.

Get Us PPE is a grassroots movement founded by emergency physicians on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has grown into the largest nonprofit in the country getting personal protective equipment to those who need it most.

With nearly 20,000 registered requests for personal protective equipment, Get Us PPE has amassed the largest non-governmental database of PPE shortages in the United States. Major national media outlets and local news are turning to Get Us PPE for trusted information on the continuing PPE crisis.

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Request for Critical Supplies Grows as COVID Cases Rise


Several months after the coronavirus crisis first hit, we are still facing a shortage of PPE for healthcare workers in the U.S. “It’s a really desperate situation still as far as PPE goes,” Dr. Shikha Gupta says.

PPE shortages continue to plague health care workers treating COVID-19

NBC News Now

NBC News’ Joe Fryer reports on the ongoing shortage of personal protective equipment that health care workers need as the number of coronavirus cases spike.

Urgent calls for Trump administration to help with COVID-19 supplies


As coronavirus cases surge across the US, doctors and nurses are telling CNN there’s still a dire shortage of protective equipment, especially masks.

ER doctor: ‘Two weeks from now is too late’ to get proper PPE


Rhode Island ER doctor Megan Ranney says medical workers are still facing gear shortages. She joins Katy Tur and Brian Williams with more.

Doctors say hospitals don’t have supplies Trump talks about


Emergency physician Dr. Megan Ranney said that despite President Trump saying supplies like hospital masks and gowns are available, they aren’t showing up to hospitals.

Manhattan 8-year-old boy sells drawings, raises PPE funds for health care heroes


A Manhattan 8-year-old boy is using his love of drawing raise money for personal protective equipment and help front-line heroes. Ethan Goldsmith donates a majority of the proceeds from his artwork to Get Us PPE.

Young artist sells his drawings of health care heroes to raise money for PPE

CBS News

Using his love of art, an 8-year-old boy is selling his drawings of health care heroes and donating the proceeds to Get Us PPE, an organization aiming to help ease the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment.

A Pop-Up Business For These Times: Welcome To Gowntown


While most major hospitals can find and acquire PPE, smaller facilities like nursing homes and dentists’ offices are having a much harder time. The non-profit organization Get Us PPE, which provides free supplies to such smaller operations, has seen a drastic increase in requests in recent weeks.

Physician on Trump’s Request: It’s really impossible


Emergency physician Dr. Megan Ranney says that despite what President Trump said, it’s impossible to sterilize the N95 masks as that coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

Health Care Workers on Their Own Against Coronavirus As Supplies Dwindle


Dr. Esther Choo talks with Rachel Maddow about doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who are struggling to obtain the proper protective gear.

Coronavirus: Dr. Ranney on how doctors are trying to get more medical equipment through


Dr. Megan Ranney, an ER doctor at a hospital in Rhode Island, joins CNBC’s special coronavirus coverage. She discusses what her hospital is doing to conserve their resources in preparation for a surge of new coronavirus cases.

Face Masks And Other Supplies To Donate To Hospitals During Coronavirus

Business Insider

Lots of hospitals are in desperate need of personal protective equipment right now, which has sparked a “sew down the curve” movement. But can hospitals even use homemade masks? And if you can’t sew, are there other things you can do instead?

New Effort to get Masks and Gloves to Healthcare Workers Launches Online


Crowd-sourcing efforts have led to the launch of a brand new #GETUSPPE website. Its goal is to coordinate donations of needed medical items including masks, gloves and gowns to hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Navajo Nation Getting Some Much Needed Help

Organizer Tyrone Whitehorse interviewed by Phoenix Channel 12 News. Groups Protect Native Elders and Crowdsourced Covid Response rally to minimize the spread of Covid19 across Navajo Nation.

NBC Nightly News Broadcast Interview with Dr. Megan Ranney


U.S. coronavirus cases top 2 million as some states see surge in hospitalizations.

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State mask stockpiling orders are hurting nursing homes, small clinics

About 90 percent of nonprofit Get Us PPE’s recent requests for help with protective gear have come from non-hospital facilities, such as nursing homes, group homes and homeless shelters.

‘The shortages are still there’: Experts say demand for PPE is increasing in Mass. as COVID-19 cases rise

Months later, PPE shortages may not be grabbing headlines the way they were during the spring months as hospital directors and governors chased down equipment around the globe. But the need is still there, according to Dr. Megan Ranney.

Coronavirus surges across midwest as Trump attacks health professionals

“More and more facilities are requesting [personal protective equipment],” said Dr Shikha Gupta, executive director of Get Us PPE. “We are deeply unprepared for what that’s going to bring as hospitals reach capacity across the US with surging caseloads.”

Hospitalisation of Covid patients surges across US

Hospitalizations of Covid-19 patients are surging across the US, leading to a shortage of medical staff and threatening to force state governors to make difficult decisions about rationing access to intensive care.

Birx warns US entering ‘deadly phase’ of Covid, contradicting Trump’s message

Experts in personal protective equipment are warning of shortages, including critically of nitrile gloves. Dr Shikha Gupta, executive director of the nonprofit Get Us PPE, warned: “We are deeply unprepared for what that’s going to bring as hospitals reach capacity across the US with surging caseloads.”

Healthcare facilities scramble to stock up on personal protective equipment

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are at exceptionally high risk of a devastating outbreak. According to the AHCA/NCAL, many nursing homes have less than a one-week supply of N95 masks, gowns, and surgical masks.

Report Says Nursing Homes Continue to Struggle to Get PPE, But State Says There’s Enough

The Texas Public Interest Research Group released a report stating that hundreds of nursing homes continue to struggle to obtain masks and gowns, but the state says there is an ample amount of personal protective equipment.

5 Ways Hospitals Are Preparing for Flu Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The nonprofit Get Us PPE confirms that an increasing number of requests are coming from non-hospital facilities, such as nursing homes and home health aid organizations.

16 of the Best Face Masks That Give Back to Charity

Like it or not, face masks are part of all our daily routines now and a necessity to protect ourselves and others from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Here, 16 of the best face masks for charity that you can shop now.

With N95 Masks In Short Supply, Governments Disinfect And Reuse Disposable Masks

Here’s one possible solution to the nationwide shortage of personal protective equipment, like N95 masks: Using hydrogen peroxide vapor to sterilize the disposable masks, and use them again.

Fastenal raced to increase mask inventory. Now it has an ‘oversupply.’

Get Us PPE’s September shortage index shows 80% of facilities have no supply of some PPE — though that figure for respirators came down slightly from August to September, demonstrating the ongoing challenge of matching demand with supply.

Get Us PPE said that pleas from Georgia for its extraordinary help had decreased dramatically since the early months of the pandemic—but has not stopped.

Almost 70% of Chinese KN95 Masks Don’t Meet Minimum Safety Standards

“We still lack adequate supplies of properly manufactured N95 masks across the country, which is why these substandard KN95s are being purchased,” said Megan Ranney.

How the U.S. ‘Uniquely Mismanaged’ the Coronavirus Pandemic

“The U.S. healthcare system has been broken for a long time, and this pandemic has uncovered all the band-aids that we had in place,” Dr. Megan Ranney, an emergency physician at Brown Emergency Medicine and co-founder of Get Us PPE.

Despite Claims, Trump Rarely Uses Wartime Law in Battle Against Covid

In August, 77 percent of clinics, long-term care facilities, and rural hospitals requesting PPE reported that they had run out of at least one essential item, an increase from 65 percent in June.

50 Experts to Trust in a Pandemic

Whose advice should you follow to stay healthy and informed? The health and science experts on this list. The list features three of Get Us PPE’s co-founders: Dr. Esther Choo, Dr. Jeremy Faust, and Dr. Megan Ranney.

Small Practices, Struggling With PPE, Band Together to Buy in Bulk

As Jason Goldman, MD, watched COVID-19 cases pop up, he resorted to begging family and friends to share their personal supplies of N95s: “You’re not a doctor,” he’d say, “so can I please use them to see my patients?”

How a Biden-Harris Administration Would Handle the COVID-19 Pandemic Differently

The detailed plan by the Biden presidential campaign to fight the COVID-19 pandemic relies on science, agency cooperation, and increased funding.

Remember the N95 mask shortage? It’s still a problem.

Public health experts say health care providers and essential workers remain at high risk of infection for the same reason they have since March: there’s a shortage of critical supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE).

Health-care workers are scrambling for supplies and reusing equipment as the coronavirus pandemic surges.

But the number of ventilators is not the only bottleneck: hospitals around the country are worried that a surge in COVID-19 patients will catch them short of the staff needed to run the lifesaving machines.

Grave Shortages of Protective Gear Flare Again as Covid Cases Surge

Five months into the pandemic, the U.S. still hasn’t solved the problem. The dearth of supplies is affecting a broad array of health facilities, renewing pleas for White House intervention.

The Defense Production Act Won’t Fix America’s Mask Shortage

As states and hospitals say they lack the gear they need, these grassroots efforts have recruited tinkerers and small manufacturers to the cause.

USA TODAY spoke with 36 health care workers from coast to coast to capture a snapshot of what life is like for them amid a pandemic that’s raging in some cities and still creeping into others.

Blitzscaling 2.0: Covid 19 and Humanitarian Logistics

 In a war against a highly contagious virus, battles are fought in our hospitals and health care personnel are our warriors. But wars are also about logistics.

Hospitals are censoring doctors. That endangers the rest of us.

Physicians on the front lines should be able to tell us what’s happening without fear of repercussions.

Medical Workers Need Masks So A Grassroots Army Is Checking Basements, Garages, And Warehouses

Rounding up masks from garages and construction companies and test kits from research labs, a hardscrabble grassroots army has begun supplying doctors and nurses on the front lines of the war on COVID-19.

Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again

The personal protective gear that was in dangerously short supply during the early weeks of the coronavirus crisis in the U.S. is running low again as the virus resumes its rapid spread and the number of hospitalized patients climbs.

Health care workers are running out of face masks. They’re asking people to donate.

Masks and respirators are designed to be worn only once, but some medical professionals are being asked to re-wear their gear.

‘The new gold’: demand for PPE soars again amid shortage as US cases rise

Fragile supply chains and wary hospitals continue to push some workers to wear N95 masks and and gowns for up to a week.

When Harvard University professor Ethan Garner pondered how to help health-care workers facing a lack of medical equipment as they fight the novel coronavirus, he thought about Burning Man.

Doctors, nurses and caregivers at smaller and poorer hospitals and medical facilities across the country are still struggling to obtain the protective gear, personnel and resources they need to fight the coronavirus

Medical facilities across the country are running low on masks and other important safety supplies

“It felt like I was in a third-world country fabricating protective equipment for Ebola. I mean, this is incredibly rudimentary equipment.”

Superhuman Energy of Crisis-Purpose As Catalyst

Crises generate tremendous human energy not available during normalcy. Sure, fear and anxiety, but also an authentic desire from millions— perhaps billions— of people to do something to overcome.

How to Help the Helpers

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed medical professionals into the front lines of danger. Here’s what you can do to help, safely.

The Underground Efforts to Get Masks to Doctor

With supply chains gone haywire and the government doing little, ordinary citizens have organized to keep health-care workers protected.

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Get Us PPE’s New Shortage Index Confirms Ongoing National PPE Crisis

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Monthly Report of PPE Shortage Data Shows 77% of Facilities Have No Supply Remaining of One or More Types of PPE WASHINGTON, D.C. –  September 2, 2020. Get Us PPE, the nation’s largest nonprofit delivering personal protective equipment (PPE) to frontline facilities in need, today announced the launch of the PPE Shortage Index, a detailed monthly report on the ongoing PPE crisis in the United States. The Index shows that thousands of healthcare facilities and other frontline organizations are still facing alarming shortages of personal protective equipment. In August, 77% of facilities in the Get Us PPE database had no…

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