New York Regional Affiliates

Regional affiliates are a core part of the GetUsPPE grassroots coalition, and we are proud to partner with these New York groups.

GetUsPPE Regional Affiliates in New York


PPEforNYC is a small grassroots group of New Yorkers helping connect front-line workers in need of supplies with people who want to help. 

As PPEforNYC’s team runs a marketing agency by day, they wanted to use their copywriting, design, and data skills to rally fellow New Yorkers and make it easier and clearer to help in the crisis. 


Every week, PPEforNYC updates a database of needs from hospitals, front-line workers, and volunteer groups — and works with multiple PPE organizations on the ground to gather, match, and distribute supplies to those who need it most each day. 


We are New Yorkers working together to get desperately needed Personal Protective Equipment to our frontline healthcare professionals.

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