Louisiana Regional Affiliates

Regional affiliates are a core part of the GetUsPPE grassroots coalition, and we are proud to partner with these Louisiana groups.

GetUsPPE Regional Affiliates in Louisiana 


In response to the ongoing COVID crisis, a large group of approximately 100 medical students, under the SCC, is working to solicit donations from the community and local businesses along with other special volunteer projects. The TUSOM COVID Response Group is working with the school of medicine administration and dedicated physicians from Tulane Medical Center and University Medical Center New Orleans (UMC) to accomplish this goal.

We are hoping to solicit donations of personal protective equipment (PPE), which is in critically low supply at local hospitals due to the COVID outbreak. Donations will be allocated primarily to Tulane Hospital and UMC, based on need. We are primarily looking for donations of n-95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, goggles/glasses, medical gowns, gloves, hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes, disposable stethoscopes, and nasal swabs.

If anyone is interested in donating, they can contact us at tulaneppe@gmail.com or via phone at 504-988-3000. For more information: https://medicine.tulane.edu/need-medical-supplies.

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