Georgia Regional Affiliates

Regional affiliates are a core part of the GetUsPPE grassroots coalition, and we are proud to partner with these Georgia groups.

GetUsPPE Regional Affiliates in Georgia 

Atlanta Beats COVID – OSCMS Affiliate

We’re an ad-hoc group of volunteers from the Atlanta area eagerly doing what we can to make this happen. Atlanta, like many communities across the world, has a growing community of ‘makers’. These are folks who love to create, innovate, and collaborate, whether it be a career or a hobby. Our skills are varied and vast – think 3D printing, metalworking, tailoring, bioengineering, and everything in between. To meet the urgent need of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the Atlanta area, we’re putting our expertise and resources together to keep our healthcare workers and other vital and vulnerable community members safe.

Many of us are members of local makerspaces, hackerspaces, fab labs, etc.

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