California Regional Affiliates

Regional affiliates are a core part of the GetUsPPE grassroots coalition, and we are proud to partner with these California groups.

GetUsPPE Regional Affiliates in California 


We are a group of volunteers working to support and fill the gap to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to our healthcare heroes and essential workers in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our mission is to:

  • Get supplies into the hands that need it most through our PPE requests database, including vulnerable and under-resourced communities.
  • Collaborate with local individuals and makers, businesses, and organizations for equitable distribution of PPE.
  • Empower our community to join the fight by volunteering time through outreach and being on the ground.

Supplies Save Lives

We are a group of volunteers who have set up a text number to collect donations from citizens, businesses and other places that may have a surplus of N95 masks, surgical masks, isolation gowns, gloves and wipes to reduce the barriers around safely donating unused supplies. We provide a Zero Contact pick up and deliver to frontline medical providers in your area with the most urgent needs. 

Just text MASKS to 844-974-2444 and you will be asked for a description of your donation and your pickup address.

Get Me PPE Bay Area

We are a group of volunteers who locate, collect, and deliver donated PPE to local medical facilities. Volunteer drivers safely pick up equipment from donors and drop it off to local hospitals, clinics and medical donation organizations.

Activate North Bay

There is a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals.  We’ve organized a North Bay Community Network to get it for them!

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