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Handwashing Stations

Information on how to make your own handwashing stations

Why do we need handwashing stations?

As one of the primary measures recommended for preventing infection, hand washing is a vital practice in curbing the spread of COVID-19. In communities without reliable access to critical irrigation infrastructure, readily-available water is a major barrier preventing community members from maintaining proper hand hygiene. The problem is particularly acute in the United States in tribal areas such as the Navajo nation, as well as in refugee camps across the globe. There are several approaches to making your own handwashing station, and some are easily portable.

What projects can I get involved with to make Hand Washing Stations?

Project Name: Handwashing Station (Resource Center of Matamoros)

Supplies needed:

-Rotoplast 250L (clean water tank)
-55 gallon barrel (grey water tank)
-Faucets (4 per sink)
-Tubing (3meters)
-Adapters for faucets (4 per sink)
-Metal band hose clamps (4 per sink)
-Paint (if wood is untreated)
-Wood (3x3s or 4x4s)

Additional Notes:

-The design is simple and can be made with parts from any tool store. It could be optimized by using a metal stand and discarding dirty water into a drain.

Project Name: DIY Camping Handwashing System (With Pump)

Additional Notes:

-Easily made with parts from a hardware store
-The foot pump allows hand washing unencumbered and controls the water flow so there is less waste
-Be sure to protect the pump device by placing it on wood or plastic so it doesn’t touch the ground

Project Name: Portable Handwashing Station (With Pump)

Additional Notes:

-Parts easily sourced from hardware store for about $25 USD-
-Portable and collapsible with setup for clean and dirty water drainage-
-Foot pump allows water management during handwashing, reducing waste
-Remember to protect the pump from ground contact as in the previous Camping Station design

Project Name: Portable Handwashing Station

Additional Notes:

-Great one-stop station for hand washing and drying
-Using a turn spigot makes this set up hands free

This information was produced in collaboration with OSCMS. Click here for more information and documentation.