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Aerosol Boxes (Intubation Boxes)

Check out the information below on how to get started

Why do we need aerosol boxes?

Worldwide, the soaring number of COVID-19 patients means more patients are needing to undergo intubation and other aerosol generating procedures. This puts medical personnel at risk as medical resources such as air-purifying respirators and N95 masks are depleted. Aerosol boxes aim to reduce exposure to medical personnel by blocking aerosols.


What considerations should I have in mind when getting started with making aerosol boxes?

  • If you can, please segregate the equipment that you will be using in your space away from people, pets, bathrooms, or food preparation surfaces.
  • There is still debate about how long the virus survives on hard industrial surfaces, but it is currently estimated that COVID-19 can live on hard industrial surfaces (metal, plastic, and glass) for up to 3 days. If you have access to sanitizing solutions, including diluted bleach, 70% alcohol solution, or products like Star-San or Odo-Ban, please disinfect your tools and equipment before and after each item is made. You can also let packed items sit for 3 days before distributing, as another mechanism to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • File down any sharp edges to reduce the risk of snags
  • Exterior handles will reduce risk of cross-contamination while transporting the box

What projects can I get involved with to make Aerosol Boxes?

Project Name: Aerosol Block

This design is well-suited for rapid fabrication using clear plexiglass.

Specialized Equipment (Recommended): Laser cutter

-See website, multiple variants available
-Medical professionals have expressed concern regarding the use of this box due to increased intubation difficulty. Clinicians should understand that their movement will be restricted.


This information was produced in collaboration with OSCMS. Click here for more information and documentation.