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CloseUp360’s “Hoopers Meet Heroes” series connects NBA players with healthcare professionals on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus in their respective cities. We’re excited to partner with them to spread the word about #GetUsPPE!

Where Basketball Meets Medicine

We’ve partnered with CloseUp360 to talk about medicine and PPE with professional basketball players and doctors in this special series,
“Hoopers Meet Heroes.” Check out or Instagram @CloseUp360 for more.

Basketball and medicine are one and the same. Both entail perfecting your craft, challenging yourself and overcome obstacles, and persevering with the dedication to achieve a common goal. For basketball, it’s winning World Championships, giving back to local communities, and bringing the sport to countries worldwide. For medicine, it’s winning the fight against COVID-19, getting PPE into the hands of providers whose safety depends on it, and most of all it’s treating and caring for patients with COVID-19.