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Impact Stories

Get Us PPE proudly shares our impact stories showing how our organization and volunteers help those who are most in need of personal protective equipment. Learn more about the difference we are making for healthcare workers, frontline workers, and under-resourced communities.

1 Million Pieces of PPE Distributed

May Day: 1 million PPE matched

By Impact Stories, News

At, we are proud to announce that we have matched over one million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) with healthcare workers in need around the country. Our grassroots organization, which has accrued the nation’s largest dataset of PPE demand, enables local donors to find and deliver supplies to facilities in their community. GetUsPPE also directly matches larger donations with healthcare institutions facing shortages. Surpassing the one-million mark has required tireless work, countless hours, and the skilled coordination of local groups across the country. Our Bay Area regional affiliates alone have delivered nearly 317,000 units of PPE.  The volunteers…

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