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PPE Call to Action

Please ensure you have adequate personal protective equipment this fall and winter!

Six of our country’s top emergency physicians are putting out the “PPE Call to Action” – a national statement asking everyone in America to have adequate personal protective equipment during flu season.

As weather gets colder and people spend more time indoors, a virus can spread more easily. This year’s combination of influenza and coronavirus could present a particularly dangerous season. Ensuring everyone has access to PPE items helps us unite to get through this pandemic and helps us to better protect our healthcare workers.

Please download and share this infographic of suggested household PPE items everyone needs this fall and winter.

Suggested PPE for fall and winter: masks, disinfectant wipes, soap, hand sanitizer, face shields

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Emergency physicians appearing in the PPE Call to Action video:
Dr. Megan Ranney, emergency physician at Rhode Island Hospital and Associate Professor at Brown University  |  Dr. Jeremy Faust, emergency physician at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Emergency Medicine and  instructor at Harvard Medical School  |  Dr. Esther Choo, emergency physician and professor at the Oregon Health & Science University  |  Dr. Cedric Dark, emergency physician in Houston, Texas and Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine  |  Dr. Marina Del Rios, emergency physician and Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine  |  Dr. Ameera Haamid, emergency physician in Chicago, Illinois.

The production team on the PPE Call to Action video:
Creator: David Bloome, Hero Net  |  Producer: Brian Sullivan   |  Producer: Vincent Peone, ArtClass Content  |  Post Production: BicMedia