Our volunteer callers played an essential role in updating the needs of healthcare organizations around the country.

 Thank You Callers!

In preparation for the second wave of the pandemic, GetUsPPE worked to get updated PPE needs information from facilities across the nation. None of these efforts would have been possible without the commitment and dedication of our volunteer callers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that frontline workers could get the PPE they need.

The following callers were essential in updating the needs of healthcare organizations across the country (team leaders in bold):

Albert Tran, CA
Alex Guo, IL
Alicia Chin, IL
Alyssa Nation, FL
Amalia Bay, RI
Amy H. , CA
Anita Zahiri, LA
Anjali Rajaratnam, NJ
Antonette D’Orazio, NJ
Ashley Johnson, FL
Augustus Parker, AZ
Beth P-W, MA
Beth Wright, FL
Beverly Lauring
Bhargavi Katta, NJ
Blake Gilbert-Bono, MA
Camberly Moriconi, FL
Carolyn Klas
Casey Rayfield, FL
Chiaka Ibe, MI
Chloe Vincent
Christina Nicole, CA
Cindy Reid, NH
Claire Liu, CA
Claire Moore-Cantwell
Clara Choate, NY
Claudia Cunningham, MT
Corona R. , CA
Cozette W., MA
Cynthia Hall, IN
Daniel Hu, TX
David Lemal, VT
Deepesh Duwadi, NH
Deepthi Sathya, PA
Devika Paul, NJ
Devina Thapa, VA
Diana D’Orazio-Garcia, FL

Dianne Sprott, CA
Edanur Hardal
Elaine W. , CA
Elizabeth Wei, TX
Ellen Brown, AK
Emily Lynn, CT
Emma Dong, LA
Emma Swidler, IA
Eric Tran
Erica Freshley, AZ
Farah Khan
Federico Palacardo, NY
Gabriela Garcia
Gail Yost, CA
Gay Moldrow, MN
Gerard Calvin Legaspi, CA
Gigi Barter, CT
Gina T.Padilla, NY
Ginny G. , CA
Hee Seung Choi
Inge Govaerts
Irene Ganahl, PA
Jacob Munford
Jacob Stillwell, AZ
Jane Kogan, NY
Janie Kim, NY
Jazmine Gonzalez, CA
Jeff Wetherhold, MA
Jessica Sateesh, TX
Joana Oduro, FL
John Freedman, CA
Jonah Klapholz, NY
Joyce Sun, NJ
Julia Beyer
Julianne Confalonieri
Kaitlyn Laurynz, WI
Kaitlyn Mi, TN

Karen Brown, MI
Karin Mueller, GA
Kasey Stern, NY
Katherine Volin, PA
Kathy Bleau, VA
Katie Johnson, GA
Kellie Mehre, TX
Kelly Pan, OH
Kelsey Coolahan, NY
Kelsey Wu , CA
Kevin Tang, RI
Kim K., NY
Kim P., CA
Kojenwa Moitt, NY
Krishan Guzzo, NC
Kristine M. , CA
Kristy Schwartz, CA
Kushagra Gupta, IL
Leslie Young, NJ
Lillian Sangha, IL
Lita Crichton, NY
Logan Cho, PA
Lucas Liu, CT
Maggie Freilich
Mahip Grewal, NY
Marcia DaBreo
Maria Cristina Buhl Leon, FL
Martha Cutts, DC
Mary Helen Schmidt, CA
Melisa Yuriar, CA
Meredith Davis, CA
Michelle Chen, NY
Michelle Djohan, OH
Mirisha Sheth, OH
Mirlene Jacques, FL
Nancy Turner, CO

Nancy Zinn
Neel Vishwanath, CA
Nicholas Pitaro, NY
Nicole Monahan, CT
Nicole Zambolla, CA
Nisha Shankar , CA
Noreen E. , AZ
Pankti Bhavsar, NJ
Paula Pace, NY
Randi Neblett, ME
Rishi Singhal, NY
Rochelle Ho
Roshini Pudhucode, AL
Ryan Hoopes, RI
Sam Anzai
Sana Ashraf, NY
Sandy Skal-Gerlock, CA
Sandy Skal-Gerlock, CA
Sarah Tsang, NY
Scott Greer, MT
Shelley Fishkin
Skylar Kunce, CO
Sophie Bulander, CA
Susan Regan, WA
Susanne Cooper, NC
Tamara D., IL
Tasmiah K. , CA
Theresa Stickney, PA
Thomas Cowan, MA
Tim “Frog” Barry, TX
Tooba Laeeq, TX
Unnati G., PA
Victor Lord, CA
Virginia W. , MD
Yushi Kawasumi
Zoe Matticks, CA

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